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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to register on our website you should click the “sign in / registration” button located on the upper left side on the website and then click “registration” in newly opened window or follow the link:

You should fill the relevant fields into opened registration form, where the fields marked with red should by all means be filled. Besides, you should consider, that password chosen by you should consist at least of 6 symbols.

Note: in order to register into our website, it is necessary to have an e-mail, which wasn`t registered into our database!

Since your successful registration, you should be sent with letter on the indicated e-mail, the said letter contains the link needed to confirm the e-mail. Click on the mentioned link and follow the instructions.

Note: your account will be activated only your e-mail`s successful activation.

In order to sign up / authorize on our website and enter your account, you should click the “sign in / registration” button located on the upper left side on the website or follow the link and enter your e-mail and password (which you’ve indicated during the registration process) in the newly opened window.

In order to add the ad in favorites click the heart symbol shaped on the ad ().

If you perform an authorization since you`ve added the ad in favorites, then the ad chosen by you will be automatically added to your page!

In order to add the ad to our website first of all you should register on it and then sign into your account. Then you should click “Add Estate” button from the website and search module, fill the forms in details. When adding the ad, you are also entitled to upload the pictures into the given form under JPG or JPEG extension, link the drawings under PDF extension and also share the video link from website.

After you fill the ad form and send to us, your ad will be received in our database – it won`t be directly reflected on our website. It will be published only since our realtor or office manager will contact with you in order to validate the information, then the ad will be activated and published on the website.

There is no restriction of uploading the pictures during adding the ad or its further editing.

  • An extension of pictures to be uploaded should be JPG or JPEG;
  • The size of pictures to be uploaded should be acceptable for 1280x720px (16:9 Aspect Ratio);
  • The size (wheight) of picture to be uploaded shouldn`t be more, than 4MB.

Placing the ad on our website is for free, though there should be mentioned, that the said service covers the advertising of the placed real estate on the website with our contact information.

Since you publish the ad on our website, your ad might be given with one of these 3 statuses:

  • In process – the ad isn’t active, it is not seen on our website and it should be checked (examined) by our realtor or office manager;
  • Active – the ad is active, it is seen on our website and actively participates in search and processing by search engines;
  • Suspended – the ad is deactivated by us and it is not seen on our website.

After the ad is examined, placed and published on our website, you can always seek for the realtor’s name and surname, also his/her phone number in your page, in the list of ads.

Note: please, during the contact with realtor supply him/her with your ad’s unique ID number!

You can change your data and / or password by clicking the relevant button on your website.

Note: it is impossible to change the e-mail indicated by you during the registration.

Our service commission fee is calculated according to the real estate deal as follows:

  • In case of real estate’s sell – 3% of the deal’s value;
  • In case of real estate’s rent / lease – 8.5% of amount to be received during the whole period of rent / lease, that during of one-year rent / lease equals to the monthly rent / lease, in case of half year rent / lease – constitutes a rent / lease fee of half a month.

Note: here, the service commission fee is paid only by one party – the owner of the real estate.

Unfortunately, our company doesn’t implement neither of the above mentioned activities, accordingly, the ads of real estate placed on our website about the daily rental or lease – is published directly with the contact information of their owners.

We only constitute the real estate mediator company and not a financial institution. Accordingly Ltd. “” doesn`t offer to its customers the service of an internal deferred payment.