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  • 12.01.2024
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For Sale NON AGRICULTURAL Land in Navtlugi

Samgori st., Navtlugi, Tbilisi

2 925 890A $ $ A

1 084,07A $ /m2


2699.00 m2







detailed information

Administ. building (m2)
Workroom (m2)
Stockroom (m2)
Coefficient K1
Coefficient K2
Coefficient K3
Distance from Tbilisi (m2)
Distance from cent. st. (m2)
  • electricity
  • gas
  • Water
  • Сanalization
  • Fenced
  • on road

additional information

(Auto Translate!) A commercial plot of land is for sale in Samgori, a 2-story (440 sq.m.) office building has been built, and there is also a project for a cold storage building.

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Samgori st., Navtlugi, Tbilisi

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3 minutes walk from Trinity Cathedral with direct views. The presidential palace is located nearby. Around there are many hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs.

There is one large 3-story brick house and two two-story houses on the area of ​​these two lands. Today, these houses are functioning family hotels. A newly paved road leads from the temple to the house.
All engineering communications are in working condition. We have central sewage, gas, electricity.

From August 2023, according to a preliminary agreement with the city hall, the construction of a 4-5-story residential building with 20 apartments was planned. Architectural sketches were made. We passed commissions. But at the last moment, for unknown reasons, we were refused to build an apartment building in this area. Despite the fact that around 200-300 meters, 7-8 storey buildings are being built. The proposal of the architectural department of the city hall is to make a project and build a 5-story modern hotel with 45-60 rooms.
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